General’s Lady (2020) – cdrama review

Today, I bring a review of another Chinese drama because I can’t keep this one to myself. 

General’s lady is the cutest drama I watched recently. 

What more can I say about it? It is fluffy! Be prepared and, after watching, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Reason to watch it:

1- the boys: Cesar Wu and Cao Jun Xiang, each one has his peculiar charm!

2- the female protagonist: Tang Min did a competent job of acting in the role of Shen Jin. Her character is funny and adorable! 

Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] General's Lady 将军家的小娘子 - Mainland  China - Soompi Forums

3- the secondary characters are as enjoyable as the protagonist couple.

4- Romance and Innocence: the perfect formula for a romantic comedy.

5- Kisses! Yes, here, we got tons of kisses, affection demonstration, and so on.

6- Playlist: lovely! (please, listen to it at the end of this post).

I won’t say more because this drama is short, it has only 30 episodes, and much more would be spoiler!

Unfortunately, It’s not a 10/10 drama because the plot wasted a lot of time with filling scenes and, in the end, left behind loose ends that otherwise could have been better developed. The mainly problem were the last chapters that feel rushed.

My score: 8,5

Lost love in times (2017) – cdrama review

“Lost love in times” is a drama full of handsome princes, and I am sure one of them will fit your preference. The 7th prince captured my heart. He is very handsome and capable! Look at him:

Lost Love in Times 7th prince

I’m looking forward to watching more of Xu Haiqiao’s (Joe Xu) acting. My options: A Little Thing Called First Love (2019) or The Dark Lord (2018).

“Lost love in times” happens in an alternative world, where the imperial family has a deal with The Mages, a tribe of sorceresses. The grand sorceress must protect the people and guide the Emperor in the path of peace. In exchange, the Emperor protects the tribe, giving them a place in the palace.

The current Emperor is a suspicious and cunning man. He must choose his successor among his sons, and this situation triggers a deadly fight for the throne.

Lost Love In Times 2

However, the scenario becomes more complicated when the Grand Sorceress and the 4th Prince fall in love. Their love defies the alliance between the imperial family and The Mages. Also, their relationship arouses the suspicions of the Emperor regarding the intentions of the 4th Prince.

The big question is how the protagonists will survive and accomplish their objectives. There isn’t any other question or further thought. It is all about their relationship. 

In “lost love in times” we also have two cute sides stories. One related to the 11th prince (Gong Jun) and another one about the 12th. We find many enjoyable supporting characters.

So it is possible to say that the best thing about this drama is the secondary characters.

Lost Love In Times 3

Another good aspect is the playlist! Please, listen to the main soundtrack at the end of this post.

To conclude…

If we look closely, “Lost love in times” isn’t that coherent as it should be. So, we could expect some details of the plot to be different. However, in the big picture, the drama is very entertaining.

My biggest complaint is about the end. If we think about how was this drama plot developed, we realize that the final could have been different. At least, the end could have been better prepared to not give as a bittersweet taste. Despite my critics, the end isn’t enough to spoil all the drama experience.

But, I think many of the viewers will find the end satisfactory.

My Score: 8,5

on viki: 9.2 and mydramalist: 8.1

In a Class of Her Own (2020) – Review, C-drama

In a class of her own” is a drama about Wen Xi and her friends. In this way, you should know that this is a drama about friendship more than romance. However, a love relationship is present for our pleasure.

Wen Xi is a poor girl that struggles to earn money for her family. As a result of one of her jobs, she ends up entering an elite school for males. Because of that, she has to hide her identity, taking her brother’s name: Wen Bi.

She becomes best friend with three students, as we can see in the picture. Yu Le Xuan is a genius of business; Lei Ze Xin is a genius of martial arts and, Feng Cheng Jun is the nerd of the group. Wen Bin is the bond between them because of her warm personality. It is her brightness that allows her to unite with those different friends.

Further to their school life, each one has their struggle for reaching their life’s objective: helping the people and creating a more equalitarian society.

The plot is about how they manage to discover what happened to a former group of idealists. That group of scholars used to fight for education reforms but, for an unknown reason, was accused of treason. Who would have created that trap?

The four friends get involved in that mystery because their ideals are the same as the former group.
Could things be different after 20 years?

Even if the drama discusses politics, especially about social privileges and the woman’s participation in society, it discusses these subjects with humor and softness. “In a class of her own” is a fluffy drama without any big twists.

The soundtrack isn’t remarkable; the actings are good enough to make us get involved with the characters, but the viewer shouldn’t expect more than that.

Mydrama list’s score: 8.2; Viki’s 9.3

my score: 9.5/10

Renascence – chinese drama review

Renascence horizontal poster – 36 episodes.

Last week, I decided to start a new drama because all the dramas I was watching at that moment hadn’t new episodes with subtitles. So, I decided to watch Renascence and I decided mostly because of the beautiful poster. Is it a good reason? I don’t know, but I know that the results were very satisfactory. I enjoyed this cdrama.

Renascence is about a very smart queen, who was murdered and, at the time of her death, exchanges body with her younger sister and then decides to discover the truth behind that crime. In this process, she will discover the true love.

If you have watched The Princess Weiyoung and enjoyed it, then I am sure you will enjoy Renascence.

If you watched The General and I and felt something was missing, you will be pleased by Renascence.

Renascence Chinese Drama Still 1

For me, the best aspect of those cdramas is the dynamic of the protagonist couple.

In Renascence, the male lead will give up the traditional “save the lady in distress” mindset and will face each other as partners. As in The Princess Weiyoung, they will plot together but here they will conspire for something bigger than love and family revenge; they will try to create a fair government for the common people. Unlike The General and I, the female protagonist of this drama won’t think so highly of herself that, at some point, the viewer get to dislike her.

Another strength of Renascence is the humor in the first 10 episodes; it helps the viewer to construct an empathy towards the character and it will build up a solid base for the rest of the drama. 

Also, the plot will develop smoothly, in an interesting way and its progress will be felt as consistent

The acting in Renascence indeed left space for improvement; but, it is not something that will damage the viewer’s experience. As I commented, the drama’s plot will allow us to feel engaged with the characters and the events; so, the falls related to some acting’s weakness won’t be so relevant. 

Is the story original? No, it is not; however, it is delivered in a way that is effectively narrated and nice to follow

Finaly, you need to know that the playlist is very sweet (listen to it at the end of this post).

Score in Mydramalist (7,7) and Viki (8,8) – despite, those score aren’t high, I recommend the drama.

my score: 9

The Breadwinner – Review

“Subliming, moving and magical” are not wrong words to describe The Breadwinner.

It is a moving movie and the “magic” is part of its enchantment upon us.

The first thing to be noticed is that the kind of animation doesn’t follow realism, but the simple style of a fairy tale book for kids and sometimes reminds us of books with three-dimensional pages.

Pavana is the protagonist who, like Mulan, dresses as a boy to life outside, where the world around her seems to belong only to the Taliban’s men. Here, this decision doesn’t happen not only because a war is happening but because the Islam regime forbids women to occupy public space.

Pavana finds a friend from school. It means from a time when girls were allowed to study. Her friend also disguises herself as a boy to help her father in the family’s business. From this moment onwards, they become inseparable and will work together to Pavana gets the money to stubborn the guard on Pul-e-Charkhi prison, where Pavana’s father was unfairly imprisoned. In this journey, she will meet Razaq – a man with a good heart. He will be a kind of “providential helper” for Pavana.

In this review, I’m not going to discuss the representation of Islam regime in Afghanistan, because all reviews already did it. I’m more interested in write a few words about the human relationships constructed among the characters during the movie.

In this movie, there are many kinds of relationships and feelings. In the beginning, we can see the fear. All merchants are supervised by armed guards to guarantee that they are obeying the law strictly and without observing any other factors, as solidarity. It’s true that, until the end of the movie, we will see that some of the merchants only want to take care of their business selfishly and regardless of the situation; but, in the facial expression of others, we can see that they feel sorry for being unable to do anything to help Pavana because they know that with oppression there is no dialogue.

Secondly, we see the interaction between Razaq and Pavana’s father. In the silence, they understand each other through shared pain and regret. They feel sorry for that war that they are forced to carry on despite their wishes and suffer its consequences.

Afterward, Razaq will interact with Pavana. She will read to him a letter from his homeland telling about his wife’s death. Later, she will teach Raza how to write his wife’s name. All this kindness will be rewarded. In the end, Razaq rescues Pavana’s father from prison.

Their interactions confirm the kindness always results in more kindness. So, even within that hopeless situation, human begins can feel and act with empathy and reach out their hands to others. On the other hand, we see how some people are able to find in the external convictions the justification to their twisted personalities, as Idrees shows us.

Pavana’s family is very warm and supportive of their members. Her parents were professionals before the war and they taught their children how to read and write and to love stories. We don’t know much about the older sister, but we can see that she became the support of the entire family after the father was imprisoned. That was a big tragedy for them because he was the only adult male, so he was the only breadwinner. Another male in the house was a very young kid, who couldn’t fulfill this task.

This family strengthens their bounds Telling stories during that hard period. After the father left the house, it was the only way found to keep hope and to calm their hearts. Through the story of Sulayman, we also discover how the older son dead. For me, Sulayman is a unifying character of Pavana (action), and her brother (male spirit). A character that was created to help her overcome the pain of losing her older brother, support the absence of her beloved father and go through the despair of her actual situation, as the new breadwinner.

By the previous account, I wanted to show that humanity cannot be reduced to State’s affair, laws, or other external expressions. We are complex begins who have personalities, cultures (family, city, religion, state….) and social customs, and all the time we are interacting with the others.

It’s impossible to reduce every fact to the Taliban government only. We need to think also about the role of Russia. The reason for the beginning of the war and the actors implied it and so on.

Finally, Islam per se can’t be blamed; as we see in the movie, the family of Pavana still pray for God, even if in His name they are being oppressed. That means that religion and faith are different.

The breadwinner is an interesting movie and provides reflections on gender oppression, but, in my opinion, it is a superficial one when we look at it from a broader perspective.