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The King Loves – review eps. 1 – 4

'왕은 사랑한다', 새로 쓰는 '드라마의 법칙'...이들은 어떤 모습보일까?

This week some new dramas started:

  • Reunited Worlds (SBS)
  • Man Who Dies to Live (MBC)
  • School 2017 (KBS2)
  • The King Loves (MBC)

I really recommend that you don’t watch Man Who Dies to Live (MBC). This drama is being too disrespectful to Muslim religion and customs. We are all free to choose. However, when we choose to consume a product, we are agreeing with the set of ideas and values that this product contains. Therefore, attending a prejudiced drama is the same as agreeing with the prejudice contained in it. So, please, don’t consume a product that is contributing to spread prejudice against an ethical and religious group, which is already misunderstood and that is the target of misconception.

If you need my recommendation:  Reunited Worlds (SBS)

Having said that, let’s talk about The King loves!

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