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Review: Violet Evergarden

This week, I finished Violet Evergarden and I want to write some words about this anime.

Alert:  the text contains spoilers.Image result for violet evergarden

First of all, the technical aspects of the anime are amazing, it has a beautiful drawing and colors. As well, the opening song is pretty nice.

The plot seems simple. The anime is about a girl, Violet Evergarden, who is considered – since a very young age – as a war weapon in a world emerged in conflicts. Also, it is about what happens to her after the end of the war.

As a weapon, Violet was raised to be lethal against the enemies. So, she hasn’t seen as human but a destructive object. One day, Captain Dietfried Bougainvillea gave Violet as a gift to his little brother, Major Gilbert Boungainvillea.

Image result for violet evergarden gilbert

In general, the situation is that Gilbert saw in Violet the little girl she was, and she accepted him as her master. In that war context, there were very few things that they could have done other than accept the reality as it already was. However, the things change when the war comes to its ending.

Judging by the first episodes, one can think that Violet Evergarden is about how soldiers can live in a peaceful world full of pain and hurtful hopes. In a certain way, Violet will face that question too. Especially in the last episodes and she will make this question to herself. However, for me, this anime is mostly about feelings between Violet and Gilbert.

Violet will start to live in a world full of pain caused by war, but where people are giving their best to keep alive, keep loving and remember their beloved. She will try to understand the feelings because she wants to understand the last “orders” she received from Gilbert.

The best thing about Violet Evergarden is the relationship between Violet and people around her in each episode. I don’t think that the anime could construct a “friendship” between the fixed-character but could construct short-storylines during each episode that made the drama very touching. In this sense, each episode tells how a different kind of person faced and endured the reality of the war and its consequences. From each character, we see how Violet learned a new emotion.

In my opinion, episode 11 is one of the best because Violet could face the “human” side of being a soldier and it helped her to understand her new place in the world, closing very nicely her process of self-knowledge. Other of my favorite episodes was the 3rd (about her Doll colleague, Luculia) and 10th.

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I would prefer if this anime had a few more episodes in order to explore the events of episodes 8 and 9. I think we needed more time to see Violet suffers and overcomes her emotional pain. The fact that we had only 2 episodes made the plot seems rushed.


Image result for violet evergarden dietfried

I have conflictive feelings for Dietfried Bougainvillea, but he is one of the most interesting characters if we think how he would feel about all events occurred since he gave Violet to Gilbert until Gilbert’s death. One part of thought is about his pain and the another is about his selfishness. I would like to see more flashbacks between him and his brother. In another word, there was so much complexity that we couldn’t see.

Image result for violet evergarden gilbert

In the same way, I would like to see more flashback between Gilbert and Violet. Even if I think that their preview relationship was full of silence and words waiting to be said. What we know about them and how much Violet had changed after his death makes that all the drama feels much more melancholic.

We have to wait for the OVA episode, on July, to be released by Netflix and see what they will reveal about Violet’s story.

In the end, Violet Evergarden is a good anime but it isn’t amazing. Maybe, if you marathon it, the anime will feel better than it is watched weekly, as I have done.

Score: 8/10


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