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Review: Noragami and Noragami Aragoto

I watched the two seasons of Noragami during the weekend and both seasons deserve some words. So, I decided to write a short review.

[The text has minor spoilers marked in gray; so, please, avoid them!]

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Plot: As a minor god of calamity, Yato not only has no followers but doesn’t even have a shrine to his name. In an attempt to make his dream reality, he charges only five yen to grant the wishes of humans. Through his missions, Yato encounters Iki Hiyori, whose soul frequently slips out of her body, and Yukine, a wandering spirit whom he adopts as his weapon. Together, they work to kill off corrupted spirits, while Yato continues in his quest to become a famous god. [Wikipedia]

Episodes: The first season has 12 episodes and a second season, 13 episodes.

About the characters:

  • You need to know that Hiyori is a great female character. She isn’t passive and she can defend herself. Also, she is a smart and nice person. I like how good she is giving wise advice to Yato and Yikine.

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  • The friendship between the main characters seems very likable.
  • Also, Yukine has real problems. It’s impossible to ignore his suffering sorrow as a teenager who lost his life and is in process of assuming a big responsibility.

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  • Yato gave me some “Kenshin” vibes. He looks carefree but he has a very complicated and attractive personality.
  • There isn’t’ a big evil, but people who suffer and fight to give their best in each situation. I like we can relate to most of evil/good actions.
  • The romantic relationship between Hiyori and Yato isn’t forced. It feels natural. There could have been other relationships in this drama, but the author maintained a focus.
  • I feel that we need more information about “Nora”, but we are pretty much in the dark about her, at least until the middle of second season, when we start to understand her better. However, I wish we could know her sooner.

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About the plot:

  • In general, like how the plot developed in both season. There are some procedural cases but there were central storylines in each season.
  • The story’s arcs were interesting and permitted the main story (about Yato) progress.
  • In the first season, we observe three main storylines being developed and all of them are very interesting. The third about the past of Yato and Bishamon give us reason to watch the second season.
  • Specifically, in my opinion, the second season was slightly worse than the first season.
  • In the beginning of second season, Yato looks “out of place” as a character. Soon, the pieces start falling in their right place and we understand the relationship between Yato and Bishamon.

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  • Also, the beginning of the second storyline of season 2 is confusing. [We don’t understand why Yato accepts to follow Nora easily.]
  • Despite the problems in the rushed plot of season 2. I found interesting how the anime tried to show the relationship between the gods after the past issues of Yato and Bishamon were settled.
  • For me, the unexpected relation between Ebisu and Yato were nice and I like the effect of their interactions had over Yato.

What expect!

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I can say that I’m curious to know more about Yato’s “father” and his real intentions.

The second season finished with a cliffhanger: Hiyori’s school friend seems to be Yato’s father. Will he put Hiyori in danger? What he will do to Yato?

Also, I’m curious to know how the relation between Nora and Yato will develop in the future.

Score: 9/10

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