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DramaFever, Kocowa, Viki and Netflix: where you can watch dramas (or not).

Today I’m here to talk about the streaming service that allows kdrama-maniacs to watch online their Asian dramas.

I’m not watching any of the on-air dramas because of the mess among the stream services. The problems have been occurring since Kocowa started working officially.


The problem is really simple. Before Kocowa, we basically had two services: Viki (which is good for people outside of Americas, but the subtitles are slow, especially if you can’t read in English); and DramaFever, which has a great catalog and offers less slow subtitles to South Americans (in Spanish and Portuguese); however, this service is more limited in Europe.

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Viki is a good option if you like especially Taiwanese dramas. DF can be better if you’re more interested in Chinese dramas. Kocowa is nice if you like KBS, SBS and MBC. Netflix must improve their offer to be a serious option in comparison with the others in terms of doramas.

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Now, Kocowa is managing the rights over KBS, SBS and MBC productions. TvN is selling some of its rights to DramaFever, and OCN is apparently investing on DramaFever as an option for its dramas.

If you’re interested:

DramaFever Viki Kocowa Viki Plus Netflix
    2.99/month     4.17 / month     6.99/month     7.50 / month     11.99/month
    17.99/year     49.99/year     69.99/year     89.99/year     142.8/year
              –              –     0.99/day             –               –
One month free One month free One month free One month free

What happened in my case is simple. I am interested in only two on-air dramas, both broadcasted by TvN: Live up to your name and Argon. However, neither are available in any official website: Netflix, Drama Fever, Viki or Kocowa.

Image result for Netflix

That being said, now it will depend on your necessities and budget to decide which service (or services) fit better for you.These days, I’m watching Netflix. It works well on my devices and the quality of the video is good.

I already reviewed some dramas which are available on Netflix:

God’s Quiz (Season 1).

Bad Guys – review (all episodes)

My Only Love Song: review (all episodes)

Secret Forest (Stranger) – New TvN drama

In Need of a Romance 3 review (all episodes)

Million Yen Women (Netflix) – Japanese series (all episodes).


One thought on “DramaFever, Kocowa, Viki and Netflix: where you can watch dramas (or not).

  1. Good information. I’ve been with Netflix since the beginning and I don’t see myself canceling. I’ve been impressed with their selection of Asian movies and drama series lately. I’ve had a free account with Viki but the other day I decided to try a free trial. DramaFever was my goto for my drama Fix but lately on my Roku, it’s doesn’t play correctly. It’s been extremely frustrating for a while not being able to watch an episode without the player buffering. That’s something I’m wondering if it’s worth cancelling over. I would love to see more Jdramas and that’s where Netflix wins for now. I guess it’s all about preference and budget like you said.


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