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Lookout: final thoughts

This week, Lookout finished and I wanted to share my final thoughts about this drama.

‘파수꾼’ 현실 맞닿은 판타지, 시청률 파수꾼 되진 못했지만[종영기획①]

Evaluating the episodes:

I love the six first episodes!

[비바100] 박서준·김영광·여진구·주원… '4인 4색' 막 오르는 꽃남 빅매치

My faith on this drama faded between the episodes 7 and 20.

After episode 20, I think the drama came back to the path of the first episodes and the story really attracts me again. Of course, the episodes related to Bo Mi’ family story was amazing and Kim Seul Gi demonstrated all her talent.

[드라마 읽어주는 남자]  파수꾼 11회 & 파수꾼 12회 줄거리

Why didn’t I like too much the episodes 7-20? It was because of Soo Ji. She forgot about her main objective and transformed the leader on her target. I should explain my point here. I wasn’t against she looks for the truth behind the plans of Jang Do Han. I just didn’t like the way she did it. She became bossy and almost forced everyone to cooperate with her. For me, she forgot the team work here and I had impression that, for her, be the smart one and be right were more important than anything else. She had reason to treat him as suspicious person, but she acted as he was a criminal and it was too exaggerated. At the end, he was helping her and he saved her life, she should have behaved in a more “complex” way than she did. Bo Mi did this role here, appointing to Soo Ji the other side of the coin.

[드라마 읽어주는 남자]  파수꾼 15회 & 파수꾼 16회 줄거리

However, because of this decision, the plot failed to explore the case of Kyung Soo’s mother, the character was more worried to chase the Prosecutor Jang than find the truth.

I also don’t think the actress Lee Shi Young did an impeccable performance. For almost the entire first half of the drama, she just worked with one emotion: angry. However, her character was much more complex than that. The exception was her scenes with Kim Seul Gi, when both were solving the case of Bo Mi’s family.

Anyway, I feel that author cut some of Soo Ji scenes after episode 20 and she started to think about the other perspectives (very quickly). Also, as she had been angry before, she had to started to accept the facts on the second half of the drama.

The plot wasn’t large enough to 16 episodes and all the time she expended chasing the leader was helpful to extend the drama until the second part: the defeat of prosecutor Seung Ro.

[파수꾼 리뷰] 김영광-이시영 ‘복수 성공!’ 멈추지 않는 박솔로몬 ‘악행’

So, yes, I think the second half was better than the first. Also, I defend that the kdramas should considerer having less episodes. Since the last year just two dramas were successful with 20 episodes: Romantic Doctor and Chief Kim. This year one of the best drama had 12 episodes (Circle). I think that with less episodes the story can me more concise and objective.

The ending

[드라마 읽어주는 남자]  파수꾼 29회 & 파수꾼 30회 줄거리

I didn’t see any reason for Soo Jin had turned in to the police before Si Wan be arrested. However, the author needed it to the climax of the last episode.

[드라마 읽어주는 남자]  파수꾼 29회 & 파수꾼 30회 줄거리

On one hand, I liked the pessimistic vision of the world. The author forced Detective Lee walks in Soo Jin’s shoes to her understand that she couldn’t have fought against Si Wan using the justice. The same happened to Prosecutor Kim, who learnt that his way to handle the justice wasn’t effective.

Therefore, at the end scenes, Soo Jin appeared free and fighting for justice out of the law, as she had done during drama. This time Prosecutor Kim accepted her help and Detective Lee wasn’t chasing her.

When the author chose that the group should continue working, Prosecutor Jang had to died. He hadn’t a space in a world where the others are free. He couldn’t continue to be the leader anymore, because he had to pay for his “crimes” and if he was the only one it would have been unfair. He had to die to the others be free and continue doing their jobs.

On the other hand, everything was frustrating because the ending was frustrating because Jang Do Han paid alone for all the wrongdoings. Of course, I wasn’t expecting a happy ending with everyone free and smiling. I don’t know what exactly I would have liked to see. So, I accepted the bitter ending that the author prepared.

However, I understand that the author should this end for two reasons:

  1. She held her pessimistic view of reality: the evil couldn’t be destroyed because one corrupted prosecutor was defeated.
  2. She let the doors opened for a second season: there’s always a evil to be destroyed.

However, the group looked more naïve and less careless than at the beginning. And this make me wonder: Did happiness make them less careful? Can they survive with the leader? I would have liked to see that they were stronger and more organized. I think that way I’s be happier.

파수꾼 29회,30회 난간 끝에선 이시영, '그 자식이 시키는 대로 하세요'– my face when I finished the episode 32 –

My score: 9/10 – I took 0.5 because I did’t like so much 7 of 16 episodes and I took other 0.5 because of deficient perfomance of Lee Shi Young.

I didn’t take any more points because of Kim Young Kwang who did a superb work here! He deserves all praises we can give for this show. Also, his character was one of the most interesting on air this middle of the year.

파수꾼 김영광 수트 패션! 남자 수트 코디, 20대 남성 정장, 코모도, 지오투, 꼬르넬리아니, 김영광 키, 나이



6 thoughts on “Lookout: final thoughts

  1. The bittersweet ending of Lockout made me angry and happy at the same time. It’s a more realistic ending with a character’s death as Do Han is turn into a martyr. Yet, Do Han talked nonstop about paying for his crimes after this whole ordeal was done. Why couldn’t he just go to prison to pay for them? Mostly, I just wanted some time to go on before Do Han gain Su Ji’s forgiveness, but for the team to come together to fight crime as one.

    The ending also left a lot of things open. Is everyone still fugitives? What happen with Assemblywoman Chae? What happen to Se Won and Soo Ae after this incident? Is Soo Ae still a cop? What about Su Ji’s mom? Is she okay and healthy? What happen to psycho Shi Wan? Please tell he’s dead. Why is Su Ji allowing a dude to stalk her? As a former police officer, I don’t buy her not noticing

    Sure, the drama is setting things up nicely for a second season and I would welcome one with a huge hug, but it’s rare in dramaland for second season to ever happen. Instead, I’m left was questions after questions and a little disappointment.

    It’s a good drama and I love the OST. It gets to keep points for the OST.


    1. I agree that the idea of the author to kill Do Han was turning him into a martyr. However, I think the scene was directed badly (sorry PD-nim), and it seemed more an accident than a sacrifice.
      I feel frustrated when I finished the episode 32, but I don’t know exactly why. If it happened because of the ending itself or because the way the ending was filmed. Now, I think more the cause was the second option. Also, I didn’t like the scenes after his death, in which they showed the group acting too relaxed and careless.
      I agree that we finished the drama with many questions that could have been answered if the last episode had been better planned. I didn’t like the remembrance of Eun Joong. I understand the objective: he went through a lot of problems by acting as a naïve prosecutor; then, he finally realized that Do Han was right and he could accept him as a friend. So, he accepted the evidence that Soo Jin got. For me, this part of the ending would have been enough to make the point: the justice itself can’t work properly, so it necessary this “vigilantes” to help the justice. I think they continued working illegally because their methods are extra-legal. Also, I think that for them keep working Do Han had to die (as I explain in the review). He had to die because he committed many crimes, he couldn’t pay it just with some years, if he was the only one to pay for the crimes it would be unfair, so the drama couldn’t give us the idea that “while the evil never sleeps, we can’t give up”. If he commands the group from jail it would become other drama.
      Kim Young Kwang breaks my heart in his recent interviews. He is expecting that Do Han can return for a second season. However, I can see exactly why the author kills him and why this would be very difficult to be undone. Maybe it can happen if the public win over the author choice.
      In my mind, he was the leader because he was in the center of the case: he was right-hand of the villain and he had a plan to defeat him. A second season they will need a new villain and other leader and other lookouts motivated with the mains cause. This is the structure in the heart of the drama. I don’t know even if all the other actor should be cast, maybe as a cameo to give us some fanservice.

      Sorry for the huge comments! We always have a lot to talk! 😀


  2. No worries because it’s always great conversations we have.
    Don’t get me wrong about Do Han’s death not being the right choice, because it really is a good choice to kill him off. You’re right, he was the man pulling the string of everyone. He’s no longer needed in a story sense and killing him off by saving Su Ji is his finale act of goodness he can give. It’s a good way to end a complex character who does bad things for justice kind of like the Dark Knight.
    It’s why I call it bittersweet because I just love the heck out of Kim Young Kwang. He’s so charming and a scene stealing in everything. I’m just going to be salty about his death despite in a narrative sense knowing it was the right choice. Visually I agree with you too.
    It was a little odd how quickly Eun Joong just accepted Su Ji and her rat pack group of vigilantes. It’s sad the last episode couldn’t wrap up the currently story and spend the time setting things up for another season. Which it would be a while until that happens Lee Si Young is with child.


    1. Don’t worry, I understood you and I felt like you about the ending. My head said something, but my heart said other. too. hehehe
      “It’s sad the last episode couldn’t wrap up the current story ” – this is what I almost feel sorry. I really feel we deserved it because it was sad seeing Do Han dead but don’t see the bad guys suffering too. About another season, I don’t see all cast returning, because of the structure I commented. The lookouts need to be involved emotionally with the cases, so they need a new story to bring them together and the current group of characters already handle with their issues. (But this can be me being not very creative).


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