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The Bride of Habaek: review

[드라마 읽어주는 남자]  하백의 신부 1회 줄거리

I will start saying that I began The Bride and the Water God with my heart and my mind opened. In general, I enjoyed the first episode. So, I decided to watch the second episode. My impressions you can read in the following lines.

Technical aspects:

The first thing about The Bride and the Water God that I noticed was the scenarios, clothes and others physical attributes of the characters.


In the drama, the temple of the Water god hasn’t linear forms as it has on manhwa, where his temple reminded me of the Buddhist temples. In the drama, the temple look more the Indians temples. The clothes are very different too. I couldn’t identify where the inspiration for the clothes came, but they were different from the East Asian style with which the characters were drawn.

It wasn’t bad but reminded me of the recent Hollywood movies 300 than an anime.

I liked the production. The famous kiss scene had very beautiful scenography.

하백의신부 1회 줄거리 - 신의 은총


Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) is a psychiatrist. In the first episode, the interaction between her an Ha-baek (Nam Joo Hyuk) seemed similar to the first time the protagonists of Kill Me Heal met each other. However, this semblance disappeared very quickly.

하백의신부 1회 줄거리 - 신의 은총

She is not so altruist as Oh Ri Jin was. Apparently, So Ah is depressed. Maybe it is happening because she is traumatized for some event related to her father. Also, during her childhood, her family had financial problem for helping other poor children. [I’m guessing here, because the author just gave us some tips, buta no a concrete info.] I imagine her debts are related to it.

Hae Baek has his own similarities with Goblin. Both are self-centered, authoritative, and has no notion about how to live in the human world. However, he will fall in love very quickly and I think he will reveal the same tendency to do self-sacrifice for his love, as Goblin.

하백의신부 1회 줄거리 - 신의 은총

If you were worried about the chemistry between the main couple, you can feel relieved. The scene inside trunk and the first kiss scene showed us that they will do decent romantic scenes.

Also, Shin Se Kyung is not a bad actress. I didn’t feel connected with her character because I think So Ah is very irritable and unwilling to help her patients. She needs money but she hates her work. Frequently, she attacks verbally the other without reason. She sometimes reminded me of the female protagonist of My Shy Boss at the first two episodes. She has the passive aggressive behavior very common in kdrama female leads, and I hate it.

Sang Yoo is the assistant of So Ah. He just complains all his time on screen and he uses complaining voice. I couldn’t like him. On the other hand, I liked Nam Soo Ri [Ha Baek’s servant]. He is funny and he has a good heart. Also, he is trying to educate Hae Baek about how to live on Earth (without success).

The best part of the drama is undoubtedly the CEO Hoo Ye (Im Joo Hwan). When he did, on the 2nd ep., his adorable face of whom is falling in love, my heart melt and I smiled. I don’t know why he accepted to work in this drama. After having watched the first two episodes, his character seems to be far short of his capabilities.

My thoughts:

There was an important issue concerning repetition. During the first 20 minutes of the second episode, the kiss scene was repeated at least 4 or 5 times. Also, Hae Baek repeated the same bad joke he did to make fun of his servant in the first episode.

The scenes involving the President Shin Dong Man were sequence of bad performances and lines poorly written. His granddaughter Shin Ja Ya scene didn’t make sense because she was asking money from him in front the cousin who she hates for being materialist and selfish.

The scene of Jung Dong Hwan talking about business with nephew was equally terrible. The old man looked very caricatural all the time.

Finally, the biggest problem of this drama. Everything sounds and looks as a joke, but, the sense of humor is terrible. At the same time, the author expects we take the drama seriously. So, the author added, among many (supposedly) funny scenes, some dramatic moments and tried to suggest deeper conflicts relate to the characters. However, all those efforts looked as disconnected from the rest of the drama. Consequently, the result was not satisfactory: the plot couldn’t make me feel sadness or fun properly.

At this point, I think many authors of kdrama should pay attention to My Only Love Song and learn something from it.

Next: You’ll see the other two gods in the next episodes. They are played by Gong Myung and Krystal from “f(x)”.

My advice: If you liked Goblin and you also liked My Shy Boss (or Radiant Office or similar romcoms), I think you should give The Bride of Haebaek a try. Don’t feel discouraged by my final thoughts, this part of the critic always depends on my own taste for dramas. Having said that, I suggest that you reflect about the points I mentionated and, then, decide if my critics matchs with your own taste 😀

My verdict: I dropped.

[드라마 읽어주는 남자]  하백의 신부 1회 줄거리



3 thoughts on “The Bride of Habaek: review

  1. Totally agree, Im ju hwan is the best part =)) this drama is (too) caricatural. BOWF in a rush want to grasp audiences with funny-turn-romantic scene. Hahahaha.
    Circle is far better than BOWF (Circle is perfect). But seems TVN uses “rating formula” in this drama 😛


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