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In Need of a Romance 3 review

‘로맨스가 필요해3’ 성준 직접 부른 OST 공개

I didn’t write a regular review because this is an old drama (2014) and I think many of you have already watched. So, I tried to make comments about this drama and relate it to others dramas. I hope it will be for a pleasant reading.

General view:

I didn’t write a regular review because this is an old drama (2014) and I think many of you have already watched. So, I tried to make comments about this drama and relate it to others dramas. I hope it will be for a pleasant reading.

I watched “In need of a Romance 3” over the last weeks, because this drama has Nam Goong Min and Sung Joon, and I just love these two.

In general terms, I like the drama better between episodes 1-9 and 15-16. The middle was quite tedious.

It wasn’t exactly easy to watch every episode. I think that if I had watched this drama weekly I would have dropped it. I didn’t skip scenes or entire episodes, but many scenes got on my nerves.


In short, Joo Wan (Sung Joon) is now an adult and he returned to Korea from US, to find his first love: Shin Joo Yeon or Shingshing (Kim So Yeon) – how he calls her. Shin Joo Yeon works in a shopping channel. She is successful and her dream is to be a director, as her mentor: Kang Tae Yoon played by Nam Goong Min. To create a new sales project, Joo Yeon must work with Oh Se Ryung, who is a competent stylist but she stole Joo Yeon’s first boyfriend. She is also an ex-girlfriend to Tae Yoon, who still has ambiguous feelings for her. Joo Wan will try to conquer the cold heart of Shingshing, who will pursue her love for Tae Yoon. How will this love square stay at the end?

My comments:

드라마 로맨스가필요해3 3회에 숨겨진 이야기! 메이킹을 만나봐요~!Let’s start with Oh Se Ryung. She is my favorite character. She is a strong woman who faced all mean gossips about her, but she used it to succeed and be recognized as a stylist. Because of all the gossip, she also lost her love, Tae Yoon, who couldn’t endure the insecurity motivated by the bad things he had to listen about her. – Yes, he was a sexist stupid.

She is “mean” too, but she is not the typical second female lead of the dramas. She does whatever she can to get him back, but still has not become a cruel person. No. She really loves him and they have a complicated love story but their love is mutual. So, she sometimes is excessively honest, but she never causes a real damage as it usually happens on the dramaland. She shows her love in a very direct and mature way. She suffers, she gives up temporarily, she understands his pain and she tries her best. I really like her, because she is not obsessive but she is strong on her objectives.

드라마 로맨스가필요해3 3회에 숨겨진 이야기! 메이킹을 만나봐요~!

위시리스트 ③

On the opposite side, we see Shin Joo Yeon. I couldn’t feel related to her always because sometimes she was excessively childish and stubborn. She is a more typical kdrama character. She was a lovely girl who, after having her heart broken many times,  became a coldhearted and cunning person, incapable of understand her own feelings.

At the beginning, we understand how she feels because everyone once suffered for love; but, after a certain point I wasn’t sure about her pain anymore. I could only see a very childish woman, who takes advantage from the others using her intelligence but never gives space for sincerity or true feelings. At the end, like the two last episodes, I recovered some of the sympathy I felt for her at the beginning.

The problem here is the mentality of the author about the woman permeated by clichés:

  • There is a relation between love failures and being coldhearted, and the woman who sees the love with cold eyes is a bitch, and need a warm heart man. But the man who sees the love with cold eyes is a man of business. Since the beginning, Joo Wan tried to fix his love, showing what is the real love.
  • The drama has good arguments, which are presented by Wan Joo. Love doesn’t need pain or disasters in order to be love. So, I think his love for her is a good example of love, he was supportive and not jealous during almost of the drama.
  • But I can’t agree with how much he had to endure to show her his love. Still, there’s the message that love can win the battle if it can face all hardships untouched.

So, since the beginning, Shin Joo Yeon was like a broken toy who need to be repaired by Joo Wan. Her vision of the love wasn’t her own perspective, but a skeptical vision to protect herself, so she needs someone with a pure heart to remind her about true love.

‘로필3’ 성준, '비타민남' 신조어 만들며 여심 사로잡다

TV방송 다시보기(드라마, 예능)

At this point, I liked much more Han Mi Mo from One More Happy Ending. Mi Mo doesn’t need a savior, because she wants to find her own happiness, looking for it by herself. She was confused about what she wanted from a relationship because she had many fantasies about what love is, but she fought to figure out what the real love was , without illusions. She was sometimes selfish, but she had the pure heart of those who are really trying to find the right answer for life.

정경호 “장나라, 고등학교 1학년때부터 봐” 그럼 나이 차이가 얼마나?


Song Soo Hyeok (Jung Kyung Ho) and Joo Wan are good guys and very similar characters. However, I think that Soo Hyeok was more mature, maybe because he was an older character with a child to raise, he didn’t wait for Mi Mo, enduring the difficulties of a process that was independent from him. He respected more her abilities to find herself. At the right moment, he knew how to come back.


On the other hand, Joo Wan took much more time to leave Joo Yeon’s house and, when they stayed together, I couldn’t feel satisfied. It was just too easy for her and she kept playing with his feelings. On the last episode, we could see that she really learnt something about how to care about him, which was good, because it’s kind of sad when the drama causes the impression that it’s ok to receive but never give love and sincerity.

한번 더 해피엔딩 권율, 멋짐의 정석이 터졌다…“대박”

On the other hand, Dr. Goo Hae Jun (Kwon Yool) and Tae Yoon are very different. Hae Jun wanted a love to construct an image of a happy family, as a comfort and part of his perfect reputation.



"갖고 싶다. 서브남주!" '로필' 남궁민 '별그대' 박해진 그리고 '겨울왕국' 올라프

Tae Yoon is a man with many and deep wounds and he wanted a love which wasn’t a waste of emotional energy, but a place of security and tranquility. There was a higher level of manipulation and meanness on Hae Jun that the perfect performance of Nam Goong Min made disappear from his character representation. So, I could feel related with Tae Yoon, because sometimes the frustration, pain and suffering lead us to wish an easy and calm love rather than a turmoil-love. Maybe he took that wish too far, because everything that moves our feeling will cause some discomfort too.

‘한 번 더 해피엔딩’ 4人4色, 이런 매력녀들 처음이지?


In “One more happy ending” I liked more the secondary characters too. The other “Angels” members – together with Mi Mo – had an interesting story of life. Specially Da Jung, who had to fight to save her marriage. I feel that, in general, all characters on One More Happy Ending were more sincere about their problems, their pains and their wish to overcome them. They used their own forces to fight to improve their lives.

ENTROFE with 박유환 / TVN 로맨스가필요해3 10화

In A Need of Romance 3, I feel that the characters were much more childish and dependent on one another to rescue themselves, except for Lee Min Jung.



<로맨스가 필요해3> 박효주-유하준, '천송이-도민준 향기?'She was the oldest woman in the drama, she got pregnant, and she decided to have the babies. She kept strong on her mentality against marriage, but she accepted the father of the children in her life. She figured out what solution fitted best for her and went for it. She had doubts and insecurities too, but she faced them with an open heart and mind.

I couldn’t like anything about Jung Hee Jae. She started with a fiancé, who she blamed for everything wrong in her life, because she made him her savior and he had his own plans and goals in life. Then, she left him for her co-worker. She improved a little bit, but she was always looking for someone to help her. At the end, she decided to travel – a classic of kdramas – to discover herself. It was better than doing nothing about her childish personality.

In Need of a Romance 3 won 8.0/10.

로맨스가필요해시즌3 3회 성준 남궁민 김소연 캡쳐

My OST selection:




5 thoughts on “In Need of a Romance 3 review

  1. I haven’t watched one more happy ending it’s bookmarked but haven’t decided to watch it yet! I saw all of the 3 I need romance and the third was the one I liked less and you’ve pointed some of the reasons… It was draggy at the middle and the female lead character got on my nerves because of the things you’ve pointed out! She seemed not knowing what she wants in every aspect of her life! My favorite of the trilogy was I need romance.. Personally I was rooting for another ending but I could understand it… However this was one of the cases where I suffered from the second lead syndrome 😂


    1. Bella, I really recommend One More Happy Ending. I loved it so much. It’s one of my top dramas. (Of course, it is not flawless but it has a very sweet sotry).
      I’m happy the review helped you to look at I need romance 3 clearly. It’s my mision here! hehehe
      Thank you, for reading and writing this lovely comment *-*


  2. Would you suggest me not to watch this if I’ve seen One More Happy Ending? The one thing I admired about One More Happy Ending was the friendship from the girls. Considering that is a rare animal in Dramaland, I was impressed with the drama. It’s probably why I forgave it towards the last few episodes. I really loved the group of girls being supportive with one another with their lives.


    1. I think you’re right, if you already watched One More Happy Ending, this drama won’t be so great. But, if someday you feel like “I want to watch a cute, easy romantic drama” I think it will be a good choice. The plot is not perfect, but the two male leads warmed my heart with their presence and I liked Oh Se Ryung attitude too.


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