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My Ranking of K-dramas (1st semester – 2017)


On the list below, you can see the 41 dramas I have watched (or tried to) during the first semester of this year.

If I had to order my top 5:

  1. Chief Kim
  2. Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim
  3. Forest of Secrets
  4. Circle
  5. Night Light (it’s not highlighted)

 The colours represent how much I liked the drama:

Excellent – 4 //Excellent – 12 // Average – 6 // Bad – 5 // Dropped – 12 // Marathon List – 1 // Hold On – 5

Some dramas are highlighted because they received my all attention and love 😊




My favourite channel, considering the number of dramas I liked/disliked, is:

  1. OCN
  2. MBC
  3. KBS
  4. TvN
  5. SBS
  6. JTBC

I gave points for the dramas, according my evaluation of them:

Excellent highlighted – 5 points //Excellent – 4 // Average – 3 // Bad – 2 // Dropped – 0 // Marathon List – 1 // Hold On – 1

Then, I calculate their performance, and the list of channels was slight different:

  1. OCN (55% of excellence)
  2. TvN ∧  (51%)
  3. KBS (46%)
  4. MBC âˆ¨ (40%)
  5. SBS  (37%)
  6. JTBC (13%)

The last two TvN dramas made a big difference on my personal chart. Without Circle and Secret Forest, TvN performance would have been only 32% instead of the current 51%.

Which were your favourite dramas and channel this year?


  • It’s important to observe that those dramas are not all dramas broadcasted by each channel. They are just the dramas I have tried to watched.

7 thoughts on “My Ranking of K-dramas (1st semester – 2017)

  1. Thanks a lot for posting this post. Love it! I can see how jtbc & sbs drama arent good in this semester. U dropped several dramas of MBC, but the other MBC dramas are excellent 😆
    I’m curious why you dropped Ruler & Woman of Dignity.
    I dropped Woman of Dignity because first time I thought it would like Man of Dignity, Dear My Friends, or Age of Youth. But after watching first episode, the aura of drama remind me with drama Perfect Wife & Babysitter, and legendary film The Housemaid (1961) & its remake in 2010. It’s about women rivalry 😥


    1. I dropped Ruler for some reasons: the plot was more of the same (a mixture of Hwarang with Moonlight), also it was quite predictable that the two male lead would fight for the girl, forgetting about their main objective: same the people. The girl would be mad because her love lied to her. There aren’t anything new. I didn’t like the performances, specially Yoo Seung Ho’s acting, he does the same pity face all drama. [I wrote on my IG account about this drama and wht I dropped it].
      About Woman of Dignity, I watched the first episode and I couldn’t feel anything for any character or intrigued by the plot. Also, I agree that women rivalry is a bad subject. For me, the own premise is sexist itself. So, I don’t see any reason to keep watching it.


      1. I searched your IG post about Ruler. In that post, you said that you would add it to marathon list. By stop watching it, you cancel that plan, right? 😁did you watch My Love Eun Dong?


      2. I think my opinion is already very clear about Ruler. Yes, I watched My Love Eun Dong.


      3. I think this author is very exaggerated, so I didn’t dropped but I didn’t like this drama either. Maybe, Woman of Dignity will be similar to My Love Eun Dong – a huge melodrama.


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