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Beautiful Mind – Review

Beautiful Mind aired between June and August of this year and the I think this drama was almost unnoticed.


It’s sad because. In my opinion, Beautiful Mind was one of the best dramas of 2016, because it had an interesting plot, good performances, very good suspense, very exciting and intriguing medical and police problems. I doubt you will not get electrified in the chair already in the first episode!

Also we could see Jang Hyuk!!!

I really recommend Fated to love + many tissues in hand.


Maybe Jang Hyuk’s haircut scared many potential drama-addicts, who chose not to invest their time in this drama. But let’s get down to business: the review.

The plot is focused on the life of Dr. Lee Yeong Oh (Jang Hyuk!), who is a very talented physician. In his childhood, he suffered from some neurological disease (which is never mentioned directly, at least not in the subtitles) and he was operated by Dr. Lee Gun Myung, who adopted the boy after the surgery.

However, as a sequel to the operation, the young Yeong Oh lost the ability to feel empathy for another person or even feel any other emotion. So, he was trained by his father to mix with the normal people.

At first, the drama revolves around the following question: What can a talented and ambitious doctor to do in order to ascend on his profession? Then the story will change a bit, for reasons explained in the plot, and the new central question is: Can someone without empathy be a good doctor?

The hospital’s director is a rather eccentric man (see photo) who needs to prove for his father that he can be his successor. The daddy is owns a huge company and a very rich man, but he doesn’t feel paternal love for his soon, the “black sheep” of the family. He is an ambitious caricature of chaebolbm_03.

I’m commenting on this because the actor was well.

Nothing to complain about the cast, because all of them collaborated (a lot!) to make an incredible drama !!!

Throughout the drama Yeong Oh will try to become a “good doctor” and, for that, will get involved – first, professionally, and then lovingly – with the young police officer Gye Jin Sung, played by the actress Park So Dam.

Also get ready for a conspiracy that will grab your attention. (Without too many details about this, because I don’t want to give many spoilers).

The way the protagonists get involved is pretty consistent, beautiful and touching. Yeong Oh’s final effort to stay with Gye Jin Sung is really touching. I bet you’ll cry.

In the dramaland, where the guys usually start out being cocky and arrogant and, then, take a few episodes to give in to their “romantic” side or never make a full transition, see Mandame Antoine, for example. In this drama, Yeong Oh only has confidence in his abilities as a physician and his character comes from this and only that. So, it is a relief how he relates to people, because he his behavior – surprisingly – is very human and real. This creates a lot of empathy with viewers.

The performance of Jang Hyuk as always was exquisite in all senses.

When you realize it you are already falling in love with his character, because he can convey all the pain that the Yeong Oh feels because he has a real and deep awareness of his own emotional limitations and he knows how far away hes is to feel like a “normal human”.

It is true that Yeong Oh hasn’t empathy, but he wish that. He knows that his condition is a limitation to becoming a good doctor and this is something he desires with desperation.

Thus, you will see that a character who could be “apathetic” and turn away any sympathy from those who watch the drama, reveals himself having innumerable forms of feelings which are so deeply rooted in his being and at the same time so impossible to be expressed that you will suffer the anguish of his character. Is he really a psychopath? [Here someone could criticize the drama for a diagnostic error, but what matters is the effect of its clinical picture. The name is not so important.].

Park So Dam – who plays the lead female character, Gye Jin Sung – also appeared in another drama this year: Cinderella and the Four Knights. I also saw this drama (and, further on, it will have a review). But I must confess that I did not like the performance of Park So Dam, and I also found her character quite unbearable in the middle of the series, although in the end she redeems herself. I believe the “boredom” was a little guilty of her forced acting in some scenes, with an infantile voice very difficult to bear. However, she did not make those mistakes in Beautiful Mind, except at the very beginning of the series and on a very few occasions, which did not hurt at all. So points to actress who managed, especially in the end, she controlled herself and she could make a really lovely character.

About the secondary characters:


The adoptive father of the Yeong Oh, doctor Lee Gun Myung did his role well, at various escenes you will wonder if he is the villain, if he loves the adopted son and, finally, what is his intentions? Intriguing! A very, very good performance!




Speaking of intriguing characters, who you will not know if you love or hate, I must mention the beautiful Dr. Hyun Suk Joo, played by Yoon Hyun Min (Falling for Innocence). A good boy (?) full of secrets. I can’t tell too much because it would be a spoiler, but watch it, and I assure you that he will catch your attention!

Park Se Young made the character Kim Min Jae who is the first girlfriend of Yeong Oh, but for a reason they are separated, already in the first chapters. She did not make a performance to be Oscar-nominated for supporting actress, but you’ll hate her deeply for her sinical face. Trust me on this, look at her face:



Actress Ha Jae Sook made a fun nurse and who at various times supported Dr. Yeong Oh.



Last but not least, the most beautiful song of this drama

My evaluation? 10!!!

  = 10

10 = Perfect
9 = Almost perfect
8 = Many good things
7 = Good and bad things on equal levels
6 = Many problems, but still recommendable
5 = Many problems, watch at your own risk.
4- 1 = Abandoned.


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